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The Obsession

AR/VR Technologies Against Aging to Keep Seniors in Labour Market

The human physical body is aging with time, i.e. worsening memory, perception and functionality. In 2030 in EU countries, already 40% of the workforce will be over 55 years old. Real enhancement and replenishment of the skills and physical drawbacks is necessary.


Interoperability of AR/VR Based visual recognition and voice processing subsystems.


What is this?

Who it is?

Where it is?

What does it mean?

How to do this?


The player has AR glasses, where the web camera employs two lines on a real green image: putting line PL in red between the ball and the hole, and the X line perpendicular arrow in yellow to the putter centre. If the putter changes the position, the line displacement angle α also changes on the glasses screen. As the player receives GPS data from the smart phone, it is possible to graduate the existing eyesight of the camera. Then we can calculate the coordinates of the important points and perform the putter tracking if we assume that the ball does not change its position. The player's task before strike is to stand so that the yellow arrow and red lines will overlap.

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