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The concept of a sociotechnical system has been known since the middle of the 20th century and even earlier, in fact, from the time when the same regularities and conclusions were started to be divided into branches of science, first separating social and engineering sciences. Both groups of sciences use similar or the same methods of research and model specification, but each of them usually refers to their own authorities.


Nowadays practically every real system that reflects the objective reality, is of a sociotechnical nature. System is the result of collaboration of technical and social subsystems, as well as their symbiosis. The existence of a sociotechnical system is determined by the being of a digital society of technology and knowledge. The architecture of the system is determined by the existence of logical and physical structures and the interaction of these structures. The logical structure includes guidelines, algorithms, rules and personalize the particular system, while the physical structure includes hardware and software. The physical structure is the environment for implementation of the logical structure. The social system is objectively existing, but has not been created by human hands. It is not an artificial life-form; therefore, the social system is characterized by development, knowledge, evolution, stochasticity, as well as a large number of influential factors.

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